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About the Company

Welcome to the group of Professionals focused on bringing goodness and health to their patients!


My name is Diana Kosareva, I am the owner of VEDARA bio-cosmetic laboratory and the founder of Vedara Medical brand. I would like to tell you about how the company was founded, where the name came from and what the brand concept is. Vedara Medical is about safe medical acids and cosmeceutical preparations.

I have been working in the beauty industry for 23 years, I have been an ambassador of several global brands in Poland. I have been involved in organizing trainings for doctors, cosmetologists, students of cosmetology schools and I have been the founder of the Cosmetology Congress in Poland, which was attended by professionals from Poland and several European countries every year.

Thanks to many years of experience I decided to create my own cosmetic brand whose main task is to effectively solve all skin problems, acting quickly and completely safely on the skin and health of the patient!

The basic concept of the Vedara Medical brand is the possibility of combining all the preparations composing individual treatments for each patient - atraumatic skin cleansing without warming up, acid therapy for vascular skin, rosacea, acne vulgaris, anti-aging treatments - which quickly and effectively improve the condition of the skin after the first treatment.

Vedara Medical Acid Therapy is recognized by thousands of cosmetologists in eleven countries as a unique technique that solves all skin problems without burns, visible peeling and a rehabilitation period after only 2-6 treatments!

The method involves preparing a personalized cocktail for each patient using low-molecular medical acids. Such a cocktail actively stimulates the skin activating its renewal by activating internal resources of the body, which gives a rapid therapeutic effect without peeling and rehabilitation period. Such application of chemical peels is completely safe and can be performed throughout the year without the risk of discoloration.

Acid therapy, based on skin stimulation, is many times stronger and more effective than treatments that burn the epidermis (visible redness and peeling), therefore skin healing occurs quickly - already after 2-4 treatments. At the same time, there is no risk of scarring, unevenness, holes and discoloration on the skin, even when working with acne vulgaris III-IV degree. The skin looks healthy and radiant.

Vedara Medical's unique acid blend technique is a know-how that is phenomenally impressive even to experienced doctors and cosmetologists. The effects after therapy exceed expectations and the preparations provide comfort to both professionals and patients. That is why I give a full 100% quality guarantee on all Vedara Medical cosmeceutical preparations so that every professional is confident in their choice!

I have been a vegetarian for 17 years and live a healthy lifestyle. I love nature and value freedom of opinion and creativity. I am interested in ancient Slavic history and the canons handed down to us by our ancestors. That is why the name Vedara comes from the name of an ancient Slavic goddess who knew the healing properties and powers of all plants. By combining herbs, she could cure all diseases of body and soul. In Vedara Medical dermocosmetics I have tried to combine the knowledge from our original sources with modern technologies and I think this is what has led to the amazing results of Vedara Medical products.

Originally from Siberia, I have been interested in herbal medicine since childhood - collecting and drying plants with my mother and grandmother. This allowed me to heal even during a serious illness, and now I apply this philosophy to my family, work and lifestyle.

All Vedara Medical products are skin safe, created out of love for people and a desire to sincerely help. I invite everyone into a world full of health and joy!

With goodness and joy,
Diana Kosareva

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Bardzo dziękuję za ekspresowa wysyłkę,ktora przyszla jeszcze w piątek zamiast w poniedziałek :)))))
Szybka wysyłka bardzo dobre kosmetyki